Expedition 6 (5 years later!) & DSV-1 prints

Expedition 6

Blast from the past! This artwork was originally a 6 foot tall piece for my 2005 show at Kidrobot in NYC. I’ve had a ton of requests for a more manageable size reproduction over the years, so here is a 18″x36″ 4c lithograph, signed and numbered, edition of 200

The Print Club members have been enjoying this for a few months, but now it is available to everyone else in the Dead Zebra Shop and in a few stores around the world / internets (if your favorite toy/specialty shop carries my items, they might have this in stock as well, just ask!)


Also available only from the Dead Zebra Shop, the prequel to Creature DSV-2, predictably titled Creature DSV-1. A 2 color letterpress on cream colored lettra paper.