Ghost of Dinners Past

You know you can’t eat all that sushi without some of it coming back to haunt you… Rivet toy shop and gallery will be releasing this exclusive greyscale / bloody edition of O-No Sushi on March 16th at 12pm EST!

This is the second of the super limited editions after the much sought-after blue SDCC edition. Limited to only 150pcs worldwide, available online and in their Columbus, Ohio shop for $35. Sorry they’re not taking pre-orders and no, I can’t score one for you!

  1. Yeah, they sold out crazy fast. and drClaw, I am pretty sure that you can still get the Red one… I have seen it around. I wish the blue one was, but i’ve got the last 3… I wonder what the next one will be.

    03/30/10 at 5:21 pm by Justin  { Reply }
  2. Sold out in like 5 minutes on Rivet, but I got it. So freaking stoked, it’s redemption after missing out on Red and Blue!

    03/17/10 at 1:42 pm by drClaw  { Reply }
  3. Yup. This guy is coming home with me…

    03/16/10 at 5:45 pm by Mindless-Focus  { Reply }
  4. Are these going to be available online. PLEASE say they are!

    03/12/10 at 3:28 pm by Michael  { Reply }
  5. WANT, oh god WANT.

    03/10/10 at 6:39 pm by jill  { Reply }
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