Fantastically Fresh Fugu!

never look back 3

The deliciously horrible Never Look Back saga continues with the third installment featuring some fiendishly fresh fugu!

A few copies of the signed prints are now available in the shop!

  1. like your style very much, i’m a chinese girl.

    12/13/10 at 12:52 am by ranran  { Reply }
  2. Awesome!
    Can we expect a new O-No-Sushi figure based on this illustration?
    If the answer is yes, I just hope it’s not limited edition ’cause it would make it hard to get one here in Japan.

    12/07/10 at 7:28 pm by Otaqueen  { Reply }
  3. Got mine today. He looks amazing as Always. Thanks for making such cool stuff!

    …Now if I could just get those pesky postmen to realize that Do not bend includes – do not jam roughly into a mailbox, all will be right with the world :)

    12/07/10 at 1:47 pm by Eric  { Reply }
  4. I love these things so much. Wish I could have a plush of them.

    12/05/10 at 1:42 am by RidiculouslyFU  { Reply }
  5. OMG he looks like he’s gonna cry… looks tasty too!

    12/03/10 at 3:59 pm by Farrbott  { Reply }
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