Three Strikes (Part 3/3)

(Part 2 can be found here)

Masking time! Here I’ve cut a small heart shape into an adhesive vinyl frisket. I protected the surrounding area and sprayed a few light coats.

Removing the mask is always a harrowing experience because some paints do not play nicely together and your paint job can be ruined. Luckily this time the paint (mostly) cooperated. It is a good idea in general to stick with the same brand/line of paints throughout a project to ensure maximum compatibility (advice I often ignore myself to red-faced results).

I wanted to break up the flat light grey a bit, so I sprayed a fade of darker grey from the feet up.

The back has a more elaborate spray mask, but the steps are the same. I used two tones of red here to mirror the fade on the body.

A few tense hours and some swearing later… You can also see the start of the neck stump I sculpted, this was basically just a plastic cap filled with resin. The entire neck assembly is set into a tray that is held up by the arm joints and some magic.

Tune in tomorrow for the final product, and see it in person if you’re in the NYC area!