Kill Kat 1 (wip pics)

Here are a few ‘work in progress’ behind the scenes pics from Kill Kat 1!

2 part resin mixed, and flattened into sheets. Once it sets up a bit for an hour or so I trimmed the edges and added the split/texture. Another hour or so later I bent it into shape for it to set overnight.

Since I wanted a little more time to experiment with faces and sculpting I used polymer clay. Pitted keyhole texture into the blank side so that my polymer clay would have an irregular surface to better stick to.

Base shape sculpted and out of the oven! The eyes are balls of resin I rolled with extra while I was sculpting the back plate. I'll be adding teeth, tongues and details individually so I didn't sculpt them on.

Melty feet! These are individually sculpted over armature wire which then inserts into holes drilled into the bottom of the figure. The figure can stand on its own, but there are neodymium magnets embedded in the feet to offer extra stability when paired with a metal base plate.

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