Monsters & Misfits III Preview Round-up

In a few days I’m off to Japan to set up with some amazing artists in a fantastic museum space. Monsters and Misfits III public opening event is on September 13th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama. The show is a collaborative effort between Tomenosuke, and Circus Posterus. This year’s show features major works from myself along with Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Doktor A, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louis Spayd, and contributions from Carisa Swenson, Ragnar and Stan Manoukian.


More information and previews from the other artists on Tomenosuke and on Circus Posterus



The inspiration for this year’s show is 百鬼夜行 (Hyakki Yagyō), or literally Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, during which demons, spirits and monsters take to the streets during summer nights causing mischief and even spreading death. In fitting with the theme many pieces from the artists this year feature dynamic poses, wheels, carts and lights.



My own work for the show focuses primarily on the themes of blindness and the power of light. Those demons who control the light, and those who have developed senses beyond sight are the ones who are truly in control of the night.




The cyclopean Lantern Bringer (first photo) attempts to protect some of his sighted friends with his dimly lit lantern, while the toothy Tofu Bringer (above) relies on the senses of his sentient Tofu friend to guide him through the night.





The blob-like and blood-thirsty “Strop” demons are invisible during the day, but by no means harmless. They are responsible for many of those unexplained cuts, scrapes and bruises you discover. Visible only at night, they hide as best they can.


Those who are found are captured, caged, and dragged through the streets to serve as a deterrent to the humans who would look to interfere with the night parade.



The Eye Walkers are at a disadvantage in the darkness, and the sightless but sharp Eye Riders use this fact to their own benefit. Mounting some of the larger eyes, the Riders lead their Walkers through the streets with wood lanterns lighting their way.



The King of the Blind sits in a wooden carriage atop his monstrous green mount. He holds a glowing orb that he claims gives him power over other demons and control of the night itself. The orb is really just a glass marble that he found, and he knows it, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking advantage of the situation.



I hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peeks we’ve been posting on facebook, instagram and our blogs. I look forward to sharing all of the work in full, and I hope to see some of you there!