Android Series 02 Preview (pt2)

Android s2

Android Series 02 preview continues over on the Dyzplastic blog with the solid color design for this series (blue), a beautiful british racing green Android-within-an-Android from Jeff Yaksick and the creeptacular Rupture from Doktor A.

  1. […] to invest in a new shelf for my [web]comics toys. Between the army of Androids getting ready to expand, and the just-announced plushy McPedro (pre-order), I’m out of room. Of course I have to get […]

    02/26/14 at 2:50 pm by Fleen: Try Our Thick, Creamy Shakes » Things That Happened So Gradually, I Didn’t Even Notice  { Reply }
  2. Android still beautiful figurines, beautiful work, but my heart goes out to hexcode.

    02/11/11 at 3:31 pm by Renaud – Bankai  { Reply }
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