Paris 09 – Day 2/3

EXIT opening

Day 2 in Paris. Stomach flu setting in made enjoying anything much harder. Lots of moaning and groaning and making funny faces, but I was still able to make it to the opening of EXIT and have a good time.

EXIT opening - heart wallI took over the restaurant area of the exhibit which is right on the main floor with huge windows out to the plaza. It’s a great space.

EXIT Opening - inside walls

The walls were huge and flowed well into one another across the space. All the bright colors reflected on surfaces of tables, floors and ceilings adding to the fun.

EXIT Opening - slideshow

A slide show of work played in the lobby area.

EXIT Opening - red wall

EXIT Opening - external view

The walls can be seen on the left, with the main exhibit doors on the right.

More pics after the break, or on flickr!

EXIT Opening - external view
A view from outside

EXIT Opening - heart wall 2

Heart detail

EXIT Opening - hunters wall

Hunters detail and reflection.
EXIT Opening - external view

Another external view.

big wall spread

Artwork from the main wall, starts with a variant of King of Corn complete with high fructose molecules and ends with the hunters (mostly) ready for attack) Click for a larger version!

…More on flickr!