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Frozen Empire MADL with print

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s to a prosperous 4707, 4706 or 4646, depending on how you count!

I’m going to have a handful of my Frozen Empire MAD*L figures at New York Comic Con in February so I’m working up a print to go along with the signed figures. It’ll be a 5″x7″ print, edition of about 30-50 depending on how much time I get before the show! Artwork view after the jump!

Frozen Empire MADL print

  1. Looks like booth #1856!

    01/28/09 at 2:26 am by Andrew Bell  { Reply }
  2. which booth are you going to be at? or where?

    01/28/09 at 1:25 am by emma  { Reply }
  3. which booth are you going to be at? i might be going :)

    01/28/09 at 1:24 am by emma  { Reply }
  4. ooh this is so awesome. :D

    01/28/09 at 12:48 am by erica  { Reply }
  5. Nice! I like the texture on it. It’ll go great with my fig.. of course now I’ll have two! haha.

    01/27/09 at 4:00 am by Zorb  { Reply }
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