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Pyramidun 3″ Dunny

Dunny_Pyramidun_White_3Quarter_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_White_Rotated_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_White_Back_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_White_Front_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_White_WithBox_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_Black_3Quarter_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_Black_Rotated_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_Black_Front_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_Black_Back_800 thumbnail
Dunny_Pyramidun_Black_WithBox_800 thumbnail

Year · 2013

Size · 3"

Medium · plastic, vinyl

Series · Dunny

Producer · Kidrobot

Reinterpretation of the iconic "Dunny" platform featuring 3 rotating head sections for a total of 64 possible combinations. Available in both red and grey.

Yoka? Noka!

I did this large and mini Adfunture YOKA figure set design back in 2008, I think it’s safe to say it’s not going to get made so I thought I would at least show it here! Enjoy what could have been!

I Love Munny 3.0 @ Freakstore

I’m excited to be joining artists Tara McPherson and Jon Burgerman at Freak Store in Caracas, Venezuela this October to judge the third installment of their popular “I Love Munny” customizing event and contest, with a workshop on the 29th.

Freak Store
Centro San Ignacio
Nivel Jardin, Sector Las Vegas
(0212) 264.63.21

Full flyer after the break..

Android Mini Collectible Summer special editions

Toy and Android fans might want to head over to the Dyzplastic Production Blog for info!

Still in mid-move madness, but I should have a desk by Friday maybe! More art and updates to follow?

Android Series 02 Preview (pt5)

Android Series 02 preview wraps up the regular editions over on the Dyzplastic blog with propeller spinning action and an icy friend. Oh and some release information…

Android Series 02 Preview (pt3)

Android Series 02 preview continues over on the Dyzplastic blog with a nerdy offering from Scott Tolleson and a robot from myself!

Android Series 02 Preview (pt2)

Android s2

Android Series 02 preview continues over on the Dyzplastic blog with the solid color design for this series (blue), a beautiful british racing green Android-within-an-Android from Jeff Yaksick and the creeptacular Rupture from Doktor A.

Android Series 02 Preview (pt1)

Android s2

Posted up a little Android Series 02 preview over on the Dyzplastic blog for those of you who are interested!

Say hello to A-Type

Vinyl Pulse and Myplasticheart have part 1 and part 2 of a short interview, introduction and giveaway of the new A-Type figure.

It took a few years (we got a bit sidetracked!) but it will finally be released soon. I hope A-Type will provide a fresh take as a production piece and especially as a do-it-yourself platform with its shape and display flexibility.

Constructing Reconstructing Misfortune (Part 3/3)

The making-of  concludes! Part one is here.

assembly time
With all the painting done, the final parts were readied for assembly. Then it was time to break out the needle nose pliers and superglue!

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Constructing Reconstructing Misfortune (Part 2/3)

The making-of continues in Part two! Part one is here.


Time for some bling! A few small holes were drilled into the figure around the ankles and wrist to allow chain, wire and accessories to connect securely and seamlessly. At this point I assembled all of my metal pieces for placement and fitting. This was all done prior to painting so that threading chains and fitting roughed out sharp metal shapes wouldn’t ruin the finish.
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Constructing Reconstructing Misfortune (Part 1/3)

constructing reconstructing misfortune

I often get requests to do some behind the scenes ‘making-of’ posts like I did for Milo & Ditch or the Android figures. They’re fun to do, and I managed to document the process of this particular project pretty well, so here we go again for my custom of Ferg’s Misfortune Cat for the recent show at Munky King.

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