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Just a little late night doodle… been working on plenty of things but haven’t been able to post anything here lately!

the Snail Brothers

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Year · 2012

Size · 7"x9"

Medium · ink, paper

Edition · 40

Show · Other Mother Brothers

Gallery · The Cotton Candy Machine


Availability · Available

…are you going to eat that?

…can you believe that guy?

...can you believe that guy?

this should be faster… was just there.

…don’t worry, you’re all invited!

... should these be here?

i think you’re old enough to know the truth …

it's not what you said, it's how you said it...

give it a week, see how it goes…

you told me not to worry about it...

i think i see where you’re coming from…

go ahead, it doesn't bother me...

this was never a problem before…

i found the party...

I like what you’ve done with the place…

but... does it do anything?

don’t ask, i don’t want to talk about it …

i'm not coming down for that ...