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The Giver of Disguise

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Year · 2014

Size · 9"

Medium · acrylic, resin, string, vinyl

Show · Conjuring Mischief

Gallery · Stranger Factory

Custom sculpted and painted edition on Brandt Peters' "Skelve" sculpture base.


Availability · Available

Supervisor (Black/Silver)

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Year · 2014

Size · 4"x3"x5"

Medium · acrylic, metal, resin

Show · Factory Strangers

Gallery · Stranger Factory

i’m making you something special…

i'm making you something special...

that won’t solve things…

that won’t solve things…

this is your fault, you know…

this is your fault, you know...

i found this under the bed…

does it look good?

Hello friends! I will be packing / moving / freaking out for the next week or so, I hope to get back to the arting shortly thereafter. Man I am finding some crazy stuff in here.

Some news and pics of fun things later this week, particularly if you are a fan of toys and large international comic conventions.

this one will have to do for now…

this one will have to do for now...

…didn’t you wear that last year?

...didn't you wear that last year?

Creature Cropper!

Introducing the Creature Cropper! Many thanks to Kelly at deepliquid for the code help. Now click through and make your own magical wallpaper!

that’s OK, i still love you…

i like that one too...

…it took me all week!

i should be getting ready...

that’s all it took…

i'm done playing...