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Andrew Bell Valentine LP Wheatus Cover
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Year · 2013

Size · 8"x8"

Medium · acrylic, guache, paper

Edition · original

Created for the cover of the band Wheatus' album "The Valentine LP"


Availability · Not for Sale

Minor Heart Attack

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Year · 2011

Size · 4"x6"x6"

Medium · acrylic, plastic, polymer clay, resin

Edition · 1

Show · New Dimensions

Gallery · Bold Hype Gallery

swing and a hit

swing and a hit
swing and a hit
swing and a hit
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swing and a hit thumbnail
swing and a hit thumbnail

Year · 2011

Size · 11" x 5" x 4"

Medium · acrylic, plastic, resin, rope, wood

Show · Love the End

Gallery · Rotofugi Gallery

sorry, i thought you were done with it…

sorry, i thought you were done with it...

Say hello to A-Type

Vinyl Pulse and Myplasticheart have part 1 and part 2 of a short interview, introduction and giveaway of the new A-Type figure.

It took a few years (we got a bit sidetracked!) but it will finally be released soon. I hope A-Type will provide a fresh take as a production piece and especially as a do-it-yourself platform with its shape and display flexibility.

Three Strikes (Mega Munny)

See the Work In Progress over here

three strikes (heart in)

Here we come to the end of the Three Strikes project! I had hoped to make it a little fancier, but deadlines are deadlines and plans had to be adjusted accordingly. It turned out to be pretty simple and sweet, hopefully you enjoy it!

three strikes (full)

Come see it in person, Tonight through the 15th only! Sold already, sorry!

three strikes (turnaround)

…click through for more pictures of the final piece

The Temptation

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Year · 2009

Size · 6.5"x6.5"

Medium · acrylic, ink, paper

Series · cut paper

Show · Swoon

Gallery · Black Maria Gallery

i’ll tell you when to stop…

that will be all...

…. but it never really ends.

i was wondering when you would show up...

be still my bleeding heart…

Slipped Disc

you’ve always been my favorite…

you'll never find it ...

it’s all the same to me…

no, i haven't seen him all day...