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Glop is back.. in a box!


Our friend Glop is back.. and still stuck in a box! Following the long sold out Biohazard, Ice and Red Planet editions is the new Albino edition. Very limited, with 1/5 chance at a toasty chase. Available at NYCC 2012! More information over at myplasticheart!

Glop in a Box – Ice Edition

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Year · 2011

Size · 4½"

Medium · acrylic, resin

Series · Glop in a Box

Producer · mphlabs

Glop in a Box: Biohazard Edition

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A box showed up on my doorstep one afternoon. This is not an altogether unusual experience, boxes show up at my studio all the time. But when I bent down to pick it up I noticed there was something different about this particular package. The box itself was bulging, a viscous fluid was slowly leaking from the bottom, and the whole thing had a distinct musty smell. I leaned closer to read the return address on the shipping label, and that’s when it started moving…

First Released at NYCC 2010

Year · 2010

Size · 4½"

Medium · acrylic, resin

Series · Glop in a Box

Producer · mphlabs

Glop in a Box teaser

Teaming up with MPH Labs to bring you something or other that may come in a box…

you never get what you want…

you never get what you want...

it’s all the same to me…

no, i haven't seen him all day...

you’ll never make any friends that way…

is it supposed to ever stop?

…are you sure you have everything?

i don't like where this is going...