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Android Brothers

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Year · 2012

Size · 5"x7"

Medium · bristol, ink, pigment

Show · Other Mother Brothers

Gallery · The Cotton Candy Machine


Availability · Sold

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chines New Year Android

Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends and readers! Info on the CNY 2012 Android Special editions has been posted over on the Dyzplastic blog!

Toy meet Soldier

Toy Soldier

Our friend Gary Ham is back with a new Toy Soldier Android for the holidays, available starting 12/14 in the Dead Zebra Shop. More info here!

Don Pablo Calaveroid release!

Hola from Venezuela! As you may have seen on the Dyzplastic blog, we have a new Android mini collectible coming out on Tuesday! This year we’re skipping Halloween and going right to the Day of the Dead, with a great new design by our friends Ernesto and Carlos East, aka The Beast Brothers.

Available in the Dead Zebra Shop starting 11/1/11 at 11am and 11pm, 1 per customer. Check out the blog for more pics and info!

Heroes and Villans invade the shop

I posted this so many other places I forgot to actually post it here! Oops! The Heroes and Villains series Androids are now available in the Dead Zebra Shop along with two new t-shirts and sticker packs! We have a few sets left, but sadly the O-No Sashimi Bluefin edition is sold out.

Android Mini Collectible Summer special editions

Toy and Android fans might want to head over to the Dyzplastic Production Blog for info!

Still in mid-move madness, but I should have a desk by Friday maybe! More art and updates to follow?

Androids for Japan

A quick note, there’s just under a day left in my charity auction of a Series 02 full set + signed green (and a DIY throw in for good measure). All proceeds go to the Red Cross and we’re already up over $1,500!

Android Series 02 Preview (pt5)

Android Series 02 preview wraps up the regular editions over on the Dyzplastic blog with propeller spinning action and an icy friend. Oh and some release information…

Android Series 02 Preview (pt3)

Android Series 02 preview continues over on the Dyzplastic blog with a nerdy offering from Scott Tolleson and a robot from myself!

Android Series 02 Preview (pt2)

Android s2

Android Series 02 preview continues over on the Dyzplastic blog with the solid color design for this series (blue), a beautiful british racing green Android-within-an-Android from Jeff Yaksick and the creeptacular Rupture from Doktor A.

Android Series 02 Preview (pt1)

Android s2

Posted up a little Android Series 02 preview over on the Dyzplastic blog for those of you who are interested!

Snowman Availability

Gary Ham‘s snowman Android available now Sold Out at the shop!

We’re processing orders through the weekend and will put remaining stock up next week! Thanks everyone!