they just don’t care anymore…

they just don't care anymore...

Birth of an Android (part 3)

Part 3 of my behind the scenes Birth of an Android series is up at the Dyzplastic Blog. This week, prototyping and packaging.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Carrot (dark)

It’s been a while since Wallpaper Wednesday! Here is a desktop wallpaper edition of the Carrot skeleton print from last year!

Wallpaper Wednesday: Carrot (light)

Alternate lighter version of the wallpaper!

…you rang? called?

tell me again how pretty i am…

tell me again how pretty i am..

Birth of an Android (part 2)

Part two of the behind-the-scenes look at Android mini figures is up on the Dyzplastic Production Blog! This week, design layouts!



DDU-80 custom Sketchbot

The gaming world has a secret… a dark, dirty secret. While you happily go about your day, mindlessly dropping quarters into your favorite video-electric gaming cabinet at the local arcade, there are things happening inside of those machines. Horrible, terrible things. Things completely unrelated to Tron.


One such terrible secret plagues the happy world of mazes and fruit in the magical land of the “Pac-Man”. He loves dots, he craves dots, he is hopelessly addicted to dots. Have you ever stopped to think where those delicious debilitating dots originate? Of course not, you are all too busy enabling his grotesquely excessive consumption.

ddu exhaust

While the truth may destroy some of your most treasured memories, I feel that it must be revealed…
…more DDU-80 custom Sketchbot

Birth of an Android

Curious about the toy production process from start to finish? I’ll be writing up a series of posts about the Android mini figures over the next few weeks on the Dyzplastic Production Blog starting with Part 1: Groundwork!

Sketchbot custom show (teaser)

A few teaser images for my custom Sketchbot figure!

Sketchbot custom show

sketchbot custom show

I’ve been so busy trying to finish up my piece that I almost forgot to post about the show! The show opens at Myplasticheart NYC in one week! Click through to check out the artist roster.

Sketchbot custom show
Opening Reception: Friday Mar 26th 2010 6 – 9pm
Exhibition runs through Apr 23rd 2010

myplasticheart NYC
210 Forsyth St
New York, NY 10002

To sign up for the preview list contact