Birth of an Android (Part 4)

Sorry for the lack of creature fun lately, lots of good projects cooking! More updates soon, but speaking of cooking…

Things get messy as we delve into the details of pouring hot liquids into metal in part 4 of the behind the scenes series.

Massive search engine upgrade!

This was planned and in the works for a while, but it is finally upon us, we have added tags to over 1,800 creature drawings! We’ve also improved the search results page to display full posts for most categories, this might take a little longer to load but you will be able to find what you want a lot easier.

Most older creature tags are somewhat generic, you can search for things like “fat“, “blood“, “sitting“, “melting“, etc. For example, here is a search for “baby”. Want to search for a specific date? Just enter it in MMDDYY format.

There is a search box on the lefthand side of most pages, go nuts!

you know me too well…

you know me too well...

Skwaking for Hunger

poster cause project

SKWAAAAA. The Poster Cause Project produces posters and prints with the proceeds going to a number of reputable charities. They’re now offering screen prints, starting with my piece above!

It is a 4 color 18″x24″ print. (the dark grey you see there is a texture printed under the black, in case you are color counting), signed and numbered edition of 50, with 100% of the profits being donated to ACF/Action Against Hunger. Please help support a worthy cause, and get some nice art for yourself in the process!

They are currently up for pre-order at $65 (includes shipping), and are due to begin shipping on May 16th, 2010.

XFUNS No. 47

XFUNS magazine is a really nicely put together bilingual (Chinese/English) art magazine out of Taiwan. They feature a ton of great artists and designers, and for some reason they recently featured me! I have an 8 page spread and interview in the new designer toy focused issue, along with the likes of Michael Lau, Flying Fortress, Nathan Jurevicius, Ron English, mr clement and many others!

Andrew Bell spread

Andrew Bell spread

Their English site seems to be down, but Google Translate does a decent job of the standard site.

they just don’t care anymore…

they just don't care anymore...

Birth of an Android (part 3)

Part 3 of my behind the scenes Birth of an Android series is up at the Dyzplastic Blog. This week, prototyping and packaging.

Wallpaper Wednesday: Carrot (dark)

It’s been a while since Wallpaper Wednesday! Here is a desktop wallpaper edition of the Carrot skeleton print from last year!

Wallpaper Wednesday: Carrot (light)

Alternate lighter version of the wallpaper!

…you rang? called?

tell me again how pretty i am…

tell me again how pretty i am..

Birth of an Android (part 2)

Part two of the behind-the-scenes look at Android mini figures is up on the Dyzplastic Production Blog! This week, design layouts!