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Where It's At!

A new framed print of this aspirational microphone drawing from a few weeks ago is up in the shop, but there are only 3 left! Update: SOLD OUT

Print Club and Newsletter subscribers had a 24 hour jump on this one. *hint hint*




Bottle with a Bear Problem 9-12

The final 4 Bottle With a Bear Problem puzzles that Chris Yates and I worked on together have been added to the catalog.. and the shop! Happy consumer day. $150 each with free shipping, signed and numbered 50 piece puzzles.

Dolphin Safe Kraken print available!

kraken print

Prints now available! Tell your friends, call your mom, alert your enemies, mention it passing to your dog.

Dolphin Safe Kraken print

Available Tomorrow, November 19th at 1pm(ish) NOW in the Dead Zebra shop for $80!

Edition of 100, 8 color screenprint on 335gsm Coventry Rag 335m, 18″x24″ (image is 16″X22″).

Spread the word to all your Kraken (or dolphin) loving friends! More images in the catalog.

Dolphin Safe Kraken

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Year · 2009

Size · 18"x24"

Medium · enamel, ink, paper

Edition · 100

Producer · Dead Zebra, Inc

8 color screenprint on 335gsm Coventry Rag. A special blue edition of 50 was created exclusively for Print Club+ members.


Availability · Available

Print in Progress 2…

While you can pretty much get the idea of it here, I’ll be posting the final images and info in a few hours…

blackline transparency
Checking the transparency film over a partial print to make sure things are all there and positioned correctly.

The final burnt black-line screen.

enamel drying
Shiny shiny black enamel drying on the rack.

blue edition drying
Blue edition racked.

This was one of several quick notebook sketches of the concept.

…and here are images/info for the final print!

New print in progress…


Two weeks ago I took a trip down to the print shop to check in on a new print edition I’ve been working on. Here are a few shots of the work in progress, more photos and edition information tomorrow!

well oiled machine!
These guys are actually finely-tuned printing robots, there is no other explanation for their speed and accuracy.

gooey goodness
Mmm…goopy. The last step in the printing process is laying down the black enamel linework, this is where the image all finally comes together.

unintentional collaborations
Through test prints, screen clears and alignment checks the shop ends up with quite a few “unintentional collaborations” between artists. Some of these are really interesting.

This multi-tonne WWII era beast of a machine would not hesitate to cut your hand off, except that it fortunately requires two hands to operate.

Hmm what’s this? An alternate color for print club members? Shh, don’t tell them, they may not have opened their mail yet.

…click here for part two!

DYZPLASTIC Updated (finally)


In the wake of the recent deadzebra.com revamp comes the update to the DYZPLASTIC site featuring our toy production projects and services. Check it out and keep an eye on the production blog over there for collectible specific information (don’t worry, big updates will still be cross posted over here)

Three Strikes (Mega Munny)

See the Work In Progress over here

three strikes (heart in)

Here we come to the end of the Three Strikes project! I had hoped to make it a little fancier, but deadlines are deadlines and plans had to be adjusted accordingly. It turned out to be pretty simple and sweet, hopefully you enjoy it!

three strikes (full)

Come see it in person, Tonight through the 15th only! Sold already, sorry!

three strikes (turnaround)

…click through for more pictures of the final piece

Three Strikes (Part 3/3)

(Part 2 can be found here)

Masking time! Here I’ve cut a small heart shape into an adhesive vinyl frisket. I protected the surrounding area and sprayed a few light coats.

…the fun continues after the cut!

Three Strikes (Part 2/3)

(Part 1 can be found here)

Work continued on the heart accessory as eyes and valves were sculpted out of resin directly onto the piece. Once set up and sanded down it was hit with a coat of primer, followed by a base coat of red. A darker red was lightly sprayed below the “mouth”.

…the fun continues after the cut!