this feels wrong…

this feels wrong...

Tiny Trifecta

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Year · 2011

Size · 4"x4"

Medium · acrylic, ink, paper

Show · Tiny Trifecta

Gallery · the Cotton Candy Machine

Produced for the opening show of Tara McPherson's new Cotton Candy Machine space in Brooklyn NY.

Lonely Black Skrulbs…

A few better  photos of the two diseased black Skrulb sculptures from Love the End. They are going to be sad and lonely if no one takes them home since all their brothers and sisters have already been snatched up! Available from Rotofugi.

this could be a problem…

this could be a problem...
(originally presented as a 2-drawing set)

you’ve waited long enough…

you've waited long enough...

i’m not coming out…

i'm not coming out...

this was for you…

this was for you...

just what I needed…

just what I needed...

you can’t make me go…

you can't make me go...

i think you need help…

i think you need help...

Love the End opening photos

Many thanks to everyone who made it out for the opening this past Friday. Check out some photos of the installation and opening.

The pieces are available from Rotofugi, while most of the drawings and sculptures are gone, there are still a number of paintings and print portfolios available!

Looking for one of those giant fluffy monsters to make your own Horrible squishy Pit ofcuddly Despair? Rotofugi has a few still available, and a “regular” edition (with blue drool instead of blood!) will be available online and at retailers starting next month.

Worrible : Blood Edition

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Year · 2011

Size · 15"

Medium · cotton, Poly

Edition · 100

Series · Squishable, Worrible

Show · Love the End

Gallery · Rotofugi Gallery

Producer · Squishable, Inc

Limited edition "bloody" variant of the standard Worrible giant plush toy, a collaboration with Squishable, Inc.


Availability · Sold Out