Please Draw With Me (NYC!)

Please Draw With Me

Grab a friend, grab a card, get to work! Join me as I host “Please Draw With Me” at Kidrobot’s NYC store on Thursday, January 27th from 6pm-8pm.

Here’s how it works: you pick up a few of these sketch cards at the event, scribble a line or squiggle on one, then pass it off to me or anyone else at the event. It’s up to the recipient to make something out of your lines! Then you both sign it, high five and revel in the joy of collaborative art!

I’ll also be previewing a few designs from Android Mini Collectibles Series 02, due out late February / early March, and raffling off some Cai Shen Androids, and giving out high fives.

Come by and say hi, and please draw with me!

Kidrobot NY
118 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

  1. Aw. It’s a shame I’m not in NY. Would love to participate in this event. Always a fan of collaborative art. Hope to see some of the creations posted on the site.

    01/15/11 at 5:08 pm by RidiculouslyFU  { Reply }
  2. This is a great idea. Would it also be possible to get the please draw with me card in a larger size than now on the site? For people who like the draw with me idea (and picture), that don’t live in the city of New York?

    01/14/11 at 8:02 am by Soyweiser  { Reply }
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