Some photos from St. Nazaire

Charles was kind enough to send over some photos of my work installed in the Nouveaux Monstres exhibit at LiFE in Saint-Nazaire, France. Love the floor reflections!

Creatures @ St Nazaire Creatures @ St Nazaire Creatures @ St Nazaire

  1. D’autres photos :

    02/02/11 at 3:30 am by Microbd  { Reply }
  2. [...] is it always France that gives Andy Bell the chance to work large? Photos of his contributions to the Nouveaux Monstres show in a retrofitted submarine base in Saint-Nazaire, for your [...]

    06/29/10 at 1:24 pm by Fleen: Home Of The Webcomics Action News Team! » For One Of These, I Would Pull My Old Uniform Out Of Storage  { Reply }
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