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Kill Kat 1 (wip pics)

Here are a few ‘work in progress’ behind the scenes pics from Kill Kat 1!


2 part resin mixed, and flattened into sheets. Once it sets up a bit for an hour or so I trimmed the edges and added the split/texture. Another hour or so later I bent it into shape for it to set overnight.

Since I wanted a little more time to experiment with faces and sculpting I used polymer clay. Pitted keyhole texture into the blank side so that my polymer clay would have an irregular surface to better stick to.

Base shape sculpted and out of the oven! The eyes are balls of resin I rolled with extra while I was sculpting the back plate. I'll be adding teeth, tongues and details individually so I didn't sculpt them on.

Melty feet! These are individually sculpted over armature wire which then inserts into holes drilled into the bottom of the figure. The figure can stand on its own, but there are neodymium magnets embedded in the feet to offer extra stability when paired with a metal base plate.

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Woodrow WIP

Here are some work-in-progress pics from Woodrow!

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Constructing Reconstructing Misfortune (Part 3/3)

The making-of  concludes! Part one is here.

assembly time
With all the painting done, the final parts were readied for assembly. Then it was time to break out the needle nose pliers and superglue!

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Constructing Reconstructing Misfortune (Part 2/3)

The making-of continues in Part two! Part one is here.


Time for some bling! A few small holes were drilled into the figure around the ankles and wrist to allow chain, wire and accessories to connect securely and seamlessly. At this point I assembled all of my metal pieces for placement and fitting. This was all done prior to painting so that threading chains and fitting roughed out sharp metal shapes wouldn’t ruin the finish.
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Constructing Reconstructing Misfortune (Part 1/3)

constructing reconstructing misfortune

I often get requests to do some behind the scenes ‘making-of’ posts like I did for Milo & Ditch or the Android figures. They’re fun to do, and I managed to document the process of this particular project pretty well, so here we go again for my custom of Ferg’s Misfortune Cat for the recent show at Munky King.

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Roy, come and get this goddamn cat.

I’m not usually one for meme / internet news and/or historical based illustrations, but this story on Boing Boing of a cat + an airship + a technological milestone was too much for me to ignore! Still a “work in progress” and I’m not sure if I’ll do anything with the image, it was mostly just for fun.

Roy, come and get this goddamn cat.

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the color of tragedy

Hello everyone! I’ve been a little busy lately on things like the Android toy, but other fun things are still getting done! Here’s a quick teaser from a certain kind of book, due out later this year…

Quickie update 01/20/10

Ahh its a snake!

Hello everyone! While it may look a little slow on the front page, things have been plenty busy over here! I finished up a big custom project and now I’m finishing up a few small pieces for the New Moon show at myplasticheart in two weeks. On top of that I’m moving into a new studio this month, so things are pretty crazy!

Green O-No Sushi hitting stores starting this week, and another little green surprise coming your way in a few days.

Print in Progress 2…

While you can pretty much get the idea of it here, I’ll be posting the final images and info in a few hours…

blackline transparency
Checking the transparency film over a partial print to make sure things are all there and positioned correctly.

The final burnt black-line screen.

enamel drying
Shiny shiny black enamel drying on the rack.

blue edition drying
Blue edition racked.

This was one of several quick notebook sketches of the concept.

…and here are images/info for the final print!

New print in progress…


Two weeks ago I took a trip down to the print shop to check in on a new print edition I’ve been working on. Here are a few shots of the work in progress, more photos and edition information tomorrow!

well oiled machine!
These guys are actually finely-tuned printing robots, there is no other explanation for their speed and accuracy.

gooey goodness
Mmm…goopy. The last step in the printing process is laying down the black enamel linework, this is where the image all finally comes together.

unintentional collaborations
Through test prints, screen clears and alignment checks the shop ends up with quite a few “unintentional collaborations” between artists. Some of these are really interesting.

This multi-tonne WWII era beast of a machine would not hesitate to cut your hand off, except that it fortunately requires two hands to operate.

Hmm what’s this? An alternate color for print club members? Shh, don’t tell them, they may not have opened their mail yet.

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Three Strikes (Part 3/3)

(Part 2 can be found here)

Masking time! Here I’ve cut a small heart shape into an adhesive vinyl frisket. I protected the surrounding area and sprayed a few light coats.

…the fun continues after the cut!

Three Strikes (Part 2/3)

(Part 1 can be found here)

Work continued on the heart accessory as eyes and valves were sculpted out of resin directly onto the piece. Once set up and sanded down it was hit with a coat of primer, followed by a base coat of red. A darker red was lightly sprayed below the “mouth”.

…the fun continues after the cut!