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Just a little late night doodle… been working on plenty of things but haven’t been able to post anything here lately!

eyes out, migrane monkey!

Still alive! Working on some longer term projects and products but itching to get back to monster doodling. Here’s a quick sketchbook page in the meantime.


Upcoming fun times include the 2012 Dunny release party at KRNY, the second annual Tiny Trifecta group show at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, and lots of surprises for Comic-Con International!


pon eats poo

Just a quick drawing for a friend who has an unhealthy obsession with the flying rats that grace our fine city with their beauty and poo.

sock dance

…this is either the greatest thing i’ve ever sketched, or the most horrible.
either way, enjoy!

what is this.. i don't even..

shark man doodle

shark man!

Here is a doodle of a shark-man-thing.. he is either celebrating or surrendering, i am unsure which.

Surprise! You can’t return it…

present eater

Here is a thing that I did for a guy who gave me some stuff! Everyone wins!

no kitty bad kitty


I sat down to draw some creatures and my cat wouldn’t be quiet so I ended up drawing another ugly cat. That shut him up.

Muffin’ but problems…


but… he was our friend!

the blorb commands you


I’ve been busy getting some things ready for New York Comic Con and a few other upcoming events! I should have a complete idea of the things that will be available at NYCC by tomorrow.

In the mean time, here is a completely unrelated doodle from my sketchbook!