New print in progress…


Two weeks ago I took a trip down to the print shop to check in on a new print edition I’ve been working on. Here are a few shots of the work in progress, more photos and edition information tomorrow!

well oiled machine!
These guys are actually finely-tuned printing robots, there is no other explanation for their speed and accuracy.

gooey goodness
Mmm…goopy. The last step in the printing process is laying down the black enamel linework, this is where the image all finally comes together.

unintentional collaborations
Through test prints, screen clears and alignment checks the shop ends up with quite a few “unintentional collaborations” between artists. Some of these are really interesting.

This multi-tonne WWII era beast of a machine would not hesitate to cut your hand off, except that it fortunately requires two hands to operate.

Hmm what’s this? An alternate color for print club members? Shh, don’t tell them, they may not have opened their mail yet.

…click here for part two!