Three Strikes (Part 1/3)

People told me that they enjoyed my behind-the-scenes of Milo And Ditch earlier this year, so I thought I’d do a little one for my Munnyworld figure. This isn’t quite as involved, but still fun to share the work. Munnyworld opens this Thursday and runs through the 15th.

Prepare the Munny!

We start out with a big ole blank 20″ MUNNY figure that Kidrobot was nice enough to send months in advance. I, of course, did not get around to working on it until a few days before deadline. Woops.

I start with a bunch of idea sketches, some of which are completely unfeasible (especially given the time I left myself). I eventually narrowed it down to one general concept…

Of course having a concept doesn’t mean I’m not open to new ideas that spontaneously pop upwork out while I am working. Zlunny? Munniks? Alas, this particular abomination was not meant to be.

Head removed (that was hard!), it is time to break his heart. A hairdryer to soften the vinyl and a brand-new sharp x-acto blade does the trick.

I used the removed section as the basis for my “accessory” piece, drawing out the general template and getting back to work with the x-acto.

Time for a little sculpting! Using a two-part resin I build up the heart. Once it is set I get to work with a sanding block to make sure it is smooth.

Come back tomorrow for the next thrilling(?) installment.

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  4. oooOOoo… this is nice! love the step-by-step!

    11/10/09 at 2:16 am by chris  { Reply }
  5. Woooowwww…. this is soooo cool, I enjoy a lot to see how do you work man… thanks for this post. :D

    11/09/09 at 3:57 pm by FMCK  { Reply }
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